DanceManifestation - The Masterclass

A 2-hour Masterclass to turbo-charge your magnetism for big dreams and beyond. This program guides you on a journey of self-discovery, manifestation, and profound personal growth. If you've been searching for a way to tap into your full potential through embodiment, somatic intelligence and the energetic undercurrents to manifest your deepest desires, then you're in the right place.

Move, have fun and immediately skyrocket your manifestation superpowers

Have you ever spent so much time thinking about manifesting your dreams it makes your head go dizzy?

Tried all the tools in your spiritual box but for some reason, your dreams still seem to stay at an arm's length?

Has manifestation turned a little stale and you wonder where the fun went?

Hi, I'm Lisy Butterfly and I know exactly how you feel.

I spent years obsessively looping in self-development techniques without seeing tangible results. It was deeply unfulfilling to do more and more "self-(insert buzzy new age word)" work and still not feel any different. Let alone measure any kinds of results.

Quite frankly, I felt infuriated to see it all "work" for others, except me still wondering what the magic wand could possibly be - and I started to believe that something must be inherently faulty within me.

  • Imagine turning your manifestation process into the most playful, fun and easy-going experience!

  • Waking up every day, feeling relaxed and confident that your dreams are underway and you know exactly what sets them into motion to come find you

  • Feeling your energy grounded and strong and your mind liberated and light (you can actually sleep and FOMO is out of the window for good)

  • You live, breathe and ooze in the states of being that make you feel ecstatic about life and equally irresistible for real wealth, love and success

  • Just imagine checking off your whole goals list for the year and find yourself dreaming bigger than you had dared before

Discover & Explore

the 5 main points of interest in this masterclass

  • Release and Heal: Uncover how dance manifestation can release past blockages and trauma, allowing your receptive channel to open up for dreams to come true.

  • Feminine Energy: Discover the importance of staying in your feminine energy to attract the masculine energy of manifestation. Dive into the world of miracles and magic to magnetize your big dreams.

  • Raise Your Vibration: Learn how dance and energy move through the 5-Body Blueprint, elevating your vibration and harnessing your desires in a powerful way. Break free from collapsing your vibe and inadvertently re-traumatizing yourself.

  • Navigate the In-Between: Master the art of managing the meantime before your wishes come true. Break patterns of collapse and maintain resilience as you patiently await the manifestation of your dreams.

  • Guided DanceManifestation Practice: Engage in a guided practice to interrupt old patterns and embody a new state of being. Unlock the power to receive more of what you truly desire.

You can't "think" your way to more love, joy, abundance and success

The key to unlock the door to more is in the intelligence and coherence of your embodiment practise. DanceManifestation™ is the missing link to most women's impactful manifestation results and at your fingertips now

experience a profound shift in your mindset, energy, and manifestation abilities

Participants regularly report:


  • A heightened sense of self-confidence and self-worth
  • Increased clarity and alignment with their life purpose
  • Effortless manifestation of their deepest desires
  • Deep emotional healing and release of past traumas
  • Strengthened connection with their intuition and inner guidance
  • Transformation in relationships, finances, and overall well-being

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our past participants have experienced:


I'm so ready for another dance with the universe

by Melia

I feel like I am still on high from Lisy’s Dance Manifestation Masterclass last night. The Dance Manifestation tool itself blew my mind, it was really magical! I can still not find the words to describe the whole experience, yet I am still in complete awe thinking about it. The colourful imagery, the energy made visible and all the emotions coming up. It was so freeing and really emotional for me. Apart from the method itself, Lisy’s background information on the different dimensions and energetic blueprints, her unique way of explaining and her gorgeous energy just made this masterclass a must watch for me. I am so excited to tune into this tool again and again and dive even deeper. I'm so ready for another dance with the universe <3

I can't stop taking it again and again


Incredible session today. I feel so much is happening; it is very exciting to feel the divine support holding the field of possibility, and to dream and dance there! Thank you so much, Lisy!! I'm so excited to repeat this class!-I had such a powerful experience.

Meet your expert teacher, Lisy Butterfly!

With over 20 years of experience in the field of dance, and over a decade of guiding women, Lisy Butterfly is now a highly sought-after expert known for her unique approach of psycho-spiritual and somatic intelligence that unlocks deeply transformative results. As a certified dance practitioner and experienced feminine embodiment coach, she has guided countless individuals in unlocking their potential and manifesting their dreams.


Your investment in this unique masterclass is an investment in your future, your happiness, and your ability to create a life you love. The value you will receive from this program is immeasurable, so we believe in making it accessible to all who are ready to embark on this transformational journey. 

The investment for DanceManifestation Masterclass is only €47, a small price to pay for a lifetime of abundance and fulfillment.

Bonus material

to further support your journey through the process

  • Cosmic Dancer Playlist

    A specially curated playlist of songs to add variety and power to your Dance Manifestation Experience

  • Exclusive Meditation

    to release stress, anxiety and pressure, soothe mental overload and create inspiration toward your big dreams on a daily basis

  • Cosmic Dancer 1:1 Call

    A 30min 1:1 VIP call with Lisy to help you deepen your experience and ask her personal questions about your journey with the course material.

You can't "think" your way to more love, joy, abundance and success

The key to unlock the door to more is in the intelligence and coherence of your embodiment practise. DanceManifestation™ is the missing link to most women's impactful manifestation results and at your fingertips now


  • I'm not a dancer. Can I still participate in the DanceManifestation Class?

    Absolutely! The DanceManifestation Class is designed for individuals of all dance levels, from beginners to experienced dancers. You don't need any prior dance experience to benefit from this program. Our approach focuses on the power of movement and energetic alignment, allowing you to tap into your inner essence and manifest your dreams through dance. Embrace the opportunity to explore and express yourself in a safe and supportive environment.

  • What if I feel self-conscious about dancing in front of others?

    We understand that dancing can sometimes bring up feelings of self-consciousness. However, in the DanceManifestation Class, we create a non-judgmental and nurturing space where you can freely express yourself without fear of judgment. You can listen to it from the comfort of your home – in fact – this is not a performative class, in any way. Remember, this is a personal journey, and your dance is unique to you. You have the option to participate in the program privately, ensuring you feel comfortable and safe. Embrace the opportunity to let go of self-judgment and step into your authentic expression.

  • I'm worried that I won't be able to connect with the energetic aspects of the program.

    It's normal to have concerns about connecting with the energetic aspects of the program. Rest assured that our experienced facilitator will guide you through each step, providing practical tools and exercises to help you deepen your energetic connection. We will teach you how to tune into your body's wisdom, activate your energy centers, and align with the frequencies of manifestation. Trust in the process, and allow yourself to explore and expand your energetic awareness at your own pace. You will have access to Lisy via email as well as a 1:1 Cosmic Dancer Call, feel free to reach out and ask her your questions.

  • How will the DanceManifestation Class help me manifest my dreams?

    The DanceManifestation Class combines the power of dance, movement, and energetic alignment to amplify your manifestation abilities. By engaging your mind, body, and spirit in the dance process, you will align with the vibration of your desires, release energetic blocks, and magnetically attract what you wish to manifest. Through our proven techniques, you will tap into your subconscious mind, reprogram limiting beliefs, and activate your manifesting potential. Trust in the transformative power of dance and let it become a catalyst for manifesting your dreams.

  • What if I don't resonate with the music or dance styles used in the program?

    We understand that everyone has different preferences when it comes to music and dance styles. In the DanceManifestation Class, we offer a diverse range of music and movement options to cater to individual tastes and preferences. You have the freedom to choose the music and dance styles that resonate with you and allow you to fully express yourself. We encourage you to explore and experiment, finding the dance forms and rhythms that align with your unique energy and desires.

  • Will the DanceManifestation Class interfere with my existing spiritual or manifestation practices?

    The DanceManifestation Class can beautifully complement and enhance your existing spiritual or manifestation practices, in fact we regularly welcome women from all religious and spiritual backgrounds. It provides a unique and embodied approach to manifestation, allowing you to integrate movement, energy, and intention into your practice. You can incorporate the dance rituals and techniques from the program into your current routine, deepening your connection with your dreams and aligning with their manifestation. Embrace the opportunity to expand your spiritual practice and discover new dimensions of manifestation through dance.

  • We hope these answers have addressed any concerns or hesitations you may have had about joining the DanceManifestation Class. Remember, this program is designed to create a safe, playful, and transformative space for you to manifest your dreams through dance. Trust in the process, honor your unique journey, and allow yourself to fully embrace the magic of dance and manifestation.

    If you have any further questions or hesitations, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're here to support you every step of the way. Your dreams are waiting for you to dance them into reality!

Let's fly !

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10 Highlights of the DanceManifestation Masterclass for Big Dreams

Experience the power of dance to align with your dreams, activate your energy, and manifest a life of abundance and purpose. Join the DanceManifestation Masterclass and unlock your full manifesting potential.

  • Transformative Dance Practices

  • Deep Connection to Your Big Dreams

  • Energetic Activation

  • Intuitive Movement Exploration

  • Emotional Release and Healing

  • Creative Visualization

  • Amplified Manifestation Energy

  • Embodied Confidence and Empowerment

  • Sacred Rituals and Ceremony

  • Ongoing Support and 1:1 VIP Call

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You can't "think" your way to more love, joy, abundance and success

The key to unlock the door to more is in the intelligence and coherence of your embodiment practise. DanceManifestation™ is the missing link to most women's impactful manifestation results and at your fingertips now