Close the Gap between wanting and having

There are many segways that leak the energy away from your manifestations. In this Masterclass the 3 circuits and erotic sophistications are explored to not only begin pulling in what you deeply yearn for, you'll also understand the dimmers to your magnetism, clear them and become radiant in your feminine softness and grace.

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Thank you, Lisy!

by Sophie

Very grateful to deepen my feeling of trust and wholeness. Such a beautiful time of the year to go deeper as well!!! Thank you so much for creating this space tonight

Proud & Empowered

by Joanne

Meeting the edge speaks so much to me... the why I took turns in life, the risks I took, the countries I lived in... and also the areas of my life where I feel frustrated are exactly because I haven't met the edge. Now, where I feel I pushed in to the egde I feel proud, empowered etc.

Let's fly !

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