Unleash your Wild Woman

with feminine eros, influence & magic

The ROSE Temple Curriculum

Phase 1
Raging Rapture - The FIGHT Response
Embodiment: The Raging Feline for Rage & Power Release

Phase 2
Orgasmic Ocean - The FREEZE Response
Embodiment: The Orgasmic Ocean Moving Meditation & for Womb/Throat Coherence

Phase 3
Seduction Shibari - The FLIGHT Response
Embodiment: The Run for Life to Interrupt & Reprogram a New Pattern

Phase 4 
Ecstatic (Y)Earning - The FAWN Response
Embodiment: The Ecstatic Yearning Dance Practice for Integration

Ritualistic Deepdive with Cacao Ceremony & Seeding The Tree of Life Meditation

  2 super rare & exclusive embodiment practices I never give away in public
- The Guided Erotic Goddess Blueprint Activation for Sexual Magick
- Wealth Consciousness Activation with Goddess Queen Hathor 


for more information please contact info@lisybutterfly,com 

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