Unleash your Wild Woman

with feminine eros, influence & magic

By not engaging with my feminine I have no sense of 'home'.

by Mara

Sincerely, this course has been a huge catalyst to me seeing exactly what I've brought into my present and that it's time to leave it all behind. It's like I'm denying my feminine a home and now I have this big loneliness inside - when in reality it's just that I seem to be patronising & dimming my feminine, because I feel it is the safest thing to do.

Introducing the ROSE Temple

Ignite Your Feminine Power, Rewire Your Nervous System, and Embrace Profound Transformation

Are you ready to embark on a revolutionary journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and nervous system regulation? 

Welcome to the ROSE Temple program, where you will experience a groundbreaking approach to not only understanding your survival mechanisms but utilizing them as portals to unlock your hidden powers. Led by the exceptional feminine embodiment coach, Lisy Butterfly, this five-day program will take you on an unparalleled exploration of your inner landscape, guiding you towards unprecedented levels of clarity, empowerment, and self-liberation.

Within the transformative modules of the "ROSE Temple" program, you will engage in a deeply immersive and unique process of nervous system regulation. Unlike any other program available, Lisy will skillfully teach you how to harness the energy of your fight, freeze, flight, and fawn responses and transform them into potent sources of personal power. You will learn to move beyond merely coping with these survival mechanisms and instead delve into their core essence, unlocking unmet powers and releasing their full potential.

Through a fusion of embodiment practices, transformative transmissions, and highly educational details, you will gain a profound understanding of how your nervous system operates. Lisy's revolutionary teachings will guide you towards a state of empowered presence and heightened awareness, allowing you to navigate life's challenges with newfound clarity and resilience.

The ROSE Temple Curriculum

Raging Rapture - The FIGHT Response
Embodiment: The Raging Feline for Rage & Power Release

Orgasmic Ocean - The FREEZE Response
Embodiment: The Orgasmic Ocean Moving Meditation & for Womb/Throat Coherence

Seduction Shibari - The FLIGHT Response
Embodiment: The Run for Life to Interrupt & Reprogram a New Pattern

Ecstatic (Y)Earning - The FAWN Response
Embodiment: The Ecstatic Yearning Dance Practice for Integration

Ritualistic Deepdive with Cacao Ceremony & Seeding The Tree of Life Meditation

Fast Action Bonuses
(limited time only)

  2 super rare & exclusive embodiment practices never given away in public
- The Guided Erotic Goddess Blueprint Activation for Sexual Magick
- Wealth Consciousness Activation with Goddess Queen Hathor 


What's in the program?

  • Module 1: Raging Rapture - The Fight Response

    In this module, you will dive into the fierce and fiery energy of the fight response. Explore the power of your rage as a catalyst for transformation and healing. Learn how to channel your anger in a healthy and empowered way, reclaiming your boundaries, and expressing your authentic desires. Through embodiment practices, transmissions, and guided journaling, you will release deep-seated emotions, liberate yourself from the chains of ancestral trauma, and step into your unapologetic power.

  • Module 2: Orgasmic Ocean - The Freeze Response

    Immerse yourself in the sensual and transformative energy of the freeze response. Discover the depths of your sacral chakra and the power of surrender. Explore the sacred element of water, cultivating your ability to flow, receive pleasure, and experience ecstatic states. Through embodiment practices, guided meditations, and journaling, you will unlock the hidden reservoirs of pleasure within you, allowing the waters of your being to cleanse and rejuvenate your spirit.

  • Module 3: Seduction Shibari - The Flight Response

    Unleash your sensual allure and explore the exhilarating energy of the flight response. Delve into the art of seduction, embracing your magnetic presence and captivating allure. Learn the ancient practice of Shibari, an erotic form of rope bondage, as a metaphor for surrender, trust, and the dance between power and surrender. Through embodiment practices, rituals, and self-reflection, you will liberate yourself from fear, reclaim your sovereignty, and step into a radiant expression of your authentic self.

  • Module 4: Ecstatic Yearning - The Fawn Response

    In this module, you will embrace the tender and nurturing energy of the fawn response. Discover the power of compassionate self-care, cultivating a deep connection with your inner nurturer. Explore the depths of your heart and reclaim your desires and needs. Through embodiment practices, heart-opening rituals, and self-reflection, you will release patterns of self-sacrifice, embody self-love, and create healthy boundaries that honor your worthiness.

Let's fly!

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Experience the revolutionary teachings of the "ROSE Temple" program and unlock the untapped powers within you.

Embark on this extraordinary path with Lisy Butterfly, the pioneer of DanceManifestation, feminine embodiment, nervous system regulation for personal empowerment. Experience a truly unique and unparalleled journey, including:

1.    Nervous System Regulation: 

Discover revolutionary techniques to regulate and balance your nervous system, empowering you to respond to life's challenges from a place of centeredness and inner strength.

2.    Power Portal Activation: 

Learn how to utilize your survival mechanisms as portals to access untapped powers within you. Embrace these energies as catalysts for personal growth and transformation.

3.    Clarity and Empowerment: 

Gain a deep understanding of your inner landscape, including your patterns, triggers, and limiting beliefs. Transform these insights into powerful catalysts for personal empowerment and self-liberation.

4.    Release Somatic Powers: 

Unleash the dormant powers within you by tapping into the essence of your survival mechanisms. Embrace your innate strength, courage, and resilience.

5.    Self-Mastery and Integration: 

Whether you are just starting or already evolved in your soma-spiritual transformation - cultivate a deep sense of self-mastery as you integrate the wisdom gained from your nervous system exploration. Embody your newfound clarity and empowerment in all aspects of your life.

6.    Embracing Rage and Relieving Traumatic Memory: 

Learn how to consciously engage with rage as a catalyst for transformation, releasing stored emotions, and addressing intergenerational feminine trauma encoded within your DNA.

7.    Cultivating Primal Female Power: 

Tap into your physical power, express your authentic boundaries, and reclaim your innate feminine leadership qualities, allowing you to assert your desires and manifest your dreams.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, nervous system regulation, and profound transformation. 

Step into a life of clarity, empowerment, and limitless potential. This is a transformative opportunity that is unlike anything you have ever encountered. 

Enroll in the "ROSE Temple" program today and revolutionize your relationship with your survival mechanisms, harnessing them as the keys to unlocking your true potential.

Extra Features & Bonuses


  • Personal Touch

    Get 4 weeks of email support and 3x 1:1 Feminine Embodiment VIP Calls to deepen and master the program's content to your unique journey.

  • Easy & Effective Practises

    to release the fullness of your inner wild woman in simple and fast activation processes

By participating in the "ROSE Temple" program, you can expect

to experience immediate and irresistible real-life results, including:

  • Self-empowerment and Authentic Expression: Embrace your authentic self, express your desires, and embody your truth with unwavering confidence.

  • Sensual Liberation and Pleasure Awakening: Cultivate a profound connection with your body, awaken your sensual nature, and experience heightened levels of pleasure and ecstasy.

  • Emotional Healing and Release: Release stored emotions, traumas, and limiting beliefs, allowing for deep emotional healing and transformation.

  • Radiant Magnetism and Magnetic Presence: Unleash your radiant magnetism and embody a captivating presence that draws in opportunities, connections, and abundance.

  • Sisterhood and Support: Connect with a community of like-minded women, sharing experiences, insights, and support on your transformative journey.


I had no idea how much rage was capping my freedom!

by Rania

I just finished the Rage portion of ROSE temple. FIrst of all. WHAT. AN. EXPERIENCE!! You have done such a magical job creating this program. I went into the raging feline practice thinking that rage would not come up for me. But when I put the soundtrack on, and created the space, my rage came out and wanted to be experienced. For me, the goddess Kali comes up when I am feeling rage. She came up for me this time as well.

Let's fly!

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