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Working with you Lisy is like the ultimate GLOW UP

by Dr Ellen Love Coach

I hadn't planned on writing 2 testimonials but I am just so brimming with love right now I couldn't help it. I have felt just amazing today, no matter what came up, I felt like, I've got this, and I felt my energy field like a shimmering almost tangible force of goodness pulsating out around me no matter what was going on- in a busy shopping centre, in a queue, when things weren't going right, I happily parted with some amount of money and felt zero angst, in fact it felt so good.. I am deeply sensitive and aware of my moods, thoughts and emotions and when I start to collapse my field for even a second, my muse, my inner masculine, inner mama, inner goddess, is like, you've got this honey, with curiosity and love, and GENTLENESS. Honestly I am in awe of the magic you weave ...and the most beautiful gracious and magical thing about it is, you activate the magic inside us, like, of course, it's there all along, but it's gotten cloudy like a window that needs cleaned and suddenly through working with you...I see everything clearly and sparkly again through the eyes of love- in HD. You have such a gift for activating the pleasure body, source energy, divine right action and sweetness. I also want to add I've had someone sign up and pay in full for my Autumn program, someone reach out in my dms and ask me where my book is and how can she buy it (I haven't written a book yet), someone else reach out and lavish love and appreciation on me for my work and ask when I'm starting my podcast, and my husband show up in his most devotional King Empowered masculine vibes AND, I have been so turned on in my Eros and Pleasure Body. JUST SWOON. Aaaand the timing of the Lion's Gate portal and the Aquarius full moon just couldn't have been more PERFECT to amplify it all, OMGODDESSSSSS THANK YOU!

I can't stop taking it again and again


Incredible session today. I feel so much is happening; it is very exciting to feel the divine support holding the field of possibility, and to dream and dance there! Thank you so much, Lisy!! I'm so excited to repeat this class!-I had such a powerful experience.


...The Embodiment Practices are everything!